Top Innovator Award


Have you made a fundamental change to the nature of your business based on a sustainability or energy saving principle? Has your company or a specific employee innovated your way past a sustainability “roadblock”? Or perhaps you’ve engaged customers or suppliers in a new way in the course of the Challenge.

The Better Business Challenge and an Awards Committee (made up of impartial community members) will be seeking a Top Innovator as a part of their recognition of sustainability in business practices this coming Awards Night in June of 2019. Additionally, up to 100 points can be earned through innovation to be added to your total points earned on the Energy Scorecard.

How Will Innovation Points Be Awarded?

So glad you asked!

To determine those points, the committee will look at both environmental impact and effort and award in increments of 25 points, up to 100 points. The following components will be taken into account. We’ll be asking whether the action

  • Creates Impact (whether environmental, economical, or social or all three!)

  • Overcomes a Challenge

  • Utilizes Creativity

  • Demonstrates Leadership or Inspires Others

Apply by May 15th when you fill out the Finish Line Survey!

Past Top Innovator

An example of a transformative innovation was a special project that Virginia Eagle Distributing implemented to save on fuel costs. They installed a small solar panel on top of their tractor trailer delivery trucks to power their lift gates so that the trucks didn’t have to return to the warehouse mid-delivery. Not only did the save money, but reduced their environmental impact.