Other Sustainable Business Practices 

Aside from reducing your energy use, your business can take a number of other steps to become a leader in green business. Check out the resources and action items below to see how you can expand your impact and maximize the recognition your business receives for making a difference in Charlottesville.

Toolkit Resources

Scorecard Action Items

Potential Points: 240

Join challenge social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) 10 Points

Publicize your challenge participation to employees and customers (Window Decal, Certificate of Participation, Company Newsletter, Website, and Social Media) 10 Points

Present at/or sponsor a local sustainability or energy outreach event 20 Points

Innovation: Get creative and find a unique solution that fits your business Up to 100 Points

Institute source separation of recyclable materials 10 Points

At least 50% of your hot water fixtures are low-flow or WaterSense certified 20 Points

Upgrade to a white/high reflectivity or green roof 50 Points

Share your energy savings success story with your entire staff and to the broader community 20 Points


Additional Information

There are a number of other business practices that can reduce your impact on the environment, such as reducing water use or waste. EnergyStar certified commercial water heaters, for instance, use 25% less energy than conventional water heaters.[1] Waste is a significant contributor to climate change—methane emissions from landfills are the third-largest source of human methane emissions in the United States.[2] Recycling and otherwise reducing waste therefore reduces emissions. Sometimes, innovative solutions specific to your business or industry can have the greatest impact. 

After engaging in the Challenge and improving your business by reducing its impact, you should be sure to share your progress with the community. Informing the community about sustainability initiatives is important not only to spread awareness of environmental issues, but also to improve the goodwill of your business. The investments you make in the challenge not only directly impact your bottom line but also improve customer perceptions of your business. 


[1] “Commercial Water Heaters.” EnergyStar.

[2] Environmental Protection Agency. “Basic Information about Landfill Gas.” 2018.