Lighting is often a significant source of energy consumption for businesses, and it doesn't need to be! There are numerous easy ways for you to help reduce your business's energy use from lighting; check out the Challenge's lighting resources below!

Toolkit Resources

Scorecard Action Items

Potential Points: 250

Conduct a lighting assessment 30 Points

Attend at least one Challenge Lunch nā€™ Learn 10 points

Use natural lighting whenever possible 10 Points

Provide task lighting to minimize overhead room lighting 20 points

Replace old EXIT signs with ultra-low energy use (LED) EXIT signs 20 Points

Install ambient, motion or occupancy sensors to reduce wasted energy due to unused lighting 30 points

Put exterior lighting on timers or photosensors 30 points

Use 50% LEDs for lighting 50 points

Use 100% LED lighting 50 points

Additional Information

Improving the efficiency of lighting leads directly to increased profits and reduced environmental impact. The Department of Energy notes that widespread changes in lighting, especially the adoption of LEDs, has the greatest potential impact for energy savings in the next decade in the United States. LEDs are an illustrative example for the business case for upgrading lighting. The price of LED bulbs (right graph) has been plummeting even as their efficiency continues to increase (left graph). LEDs, which last 25 times as long as traditional incandescent bulbs (as long as 25 years) and use 70%-80% less energy, are now comparable in price to other bulbs.