Charlottesville Better Business Challenge

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A friendly competition

The Better Business Challenge is a friendly competition that helps businesses and organizations of all types and sizes cut energy costs while making a positive impact on the community!

Based on smart investments

Whether you’ve long been a savvy player in the green business game or are just warming up, the Challenge is your entry point to a fast-growing network of businesses who care about their bottom line AND their community impact! 

That yields powerful results

From homegrown businesses like Albemarle Baking Company to national brands like Whole Foods and Plow and Hearth to local schools and churches, last round's 78 participants achieved:

●      $185,000 saved per year!

●      Took 4,270 cars off the road (or reduced CO2 by 1,823 tons)!


Why Join?


Save Energy = Save Money

Business leaders across the nation realize that optimizing energy use and transitioning to renewable energy just makes good business sense.  Local businesses are no exception.

  • Plow and Hearth saved over $93,000/year in electricity bills with a lighting overhaul
  • Virginia Eagle Distributing, after installing solar panels on tractor trailers and instituting recycling, saved $33,000 annually
For us, the Challenge is a way to highlight our commitment to the environment and take another look at our environmental solutions.
— Amy Preddy, State Farm Insurance

The Challenge Gives You a Leg Up!

We know businesses don’t have a lot of time, so we’ve made the Challenge easy and flexible for your business! We equip every player with the tools necessary to cut costs and increase their bottom line.  Participation includes access to:

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Energy Scorecard with 46 action items to reduce and improve energy use

Energy Catalyst Toolkit, an easy-to-use digital tool kit to tailor solutions to your business needs

Catered Lunch n’ Learns on key topics to stay ahead of the curve

A Challenge Coach who works with your busy schedule to get things done*

An Energy Walkthrough to uncover opportunities for savings*


Make the Highlight Reel

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Involvement in the Challenge is a smart investment in your company’s brand.

We LOVE to tout your success wherever and whenever we can.  Whether it’s one action or many, we find every opportunity to tell your green business story!

During the last Challenge:

●      35+ positive publicity to potential customers, members, and supporters

●      Participant businesses received 850,000 local audience “touches” through social media and other channels about their actions.


The Challenge helps all businesses, but especially small businesses... Every dollar counts when you own a small business.
— Mary Loose DeViney, co-owner Tuel Jewelers

How does it work?

Check out our page on How To Play


Ready to Step Up?

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