Crossing the Finish Line


The Better Business Challenge 2018-2019 deadline is almost here! Check out these videos to help you cross the finish line! We just need you complete the three steps blow prior to May 15, 2019.

  1. Update Your Scorecard (Approx. Time: 20 Minutes)

    Login above to complete scorecard updates on action items to reduce and improve energy use. The scorecard updates will be used to compare the original baseline score entered at the beginning of the Challenge with the final score entered as of May 15, 2019.

  2. Submit Electric and Gas Bills (Approx. Time: Varies)

    Electric bills may be submitted either via the BBC online platform during the scorecard update (see question #5) or emailed to If you are a tenant or do not separately pay electric/gas bills, you can note this on the ‘Finish Line Survey.’ Gas bills may be submitted by downloading this Gas Bill Waiver, completed on business letterhead, and sending a signed electronic copy to Richard Palumbo and cc

  3. Finish Line Survey (Approx. Time: 20 Min + Time to Compose Your Narrative)

    Please submit this brief survey. The application for the Top Innovator Award can be found here or you can email your one page Top Innovator description to

Please make sure to complete these three steps by the date! Points or actions taken during the Challenge not submitted by this deadline cannot considered for the final awards.