Grow Your Impact and Earn Points with the Home Energy Challenge!

Malec Warren House Party.JPG

Southern Environmental Law Center’s Hosts Erin Malec and Jennis Warren at their Power Party. Love their team name: “It’s Getting Hot in Herre! (so switch out all your bulbs)”

What’s the Big Idea?

The Better Business Challenge has a combined workforce of 4,000 individuals who are actively engaged in helping their workplace green up and save. So why couldn’t those same green champions take action at home and further their positive community impact?

They can with the Home Energy Challenge!

The Challenge is a fun, informative, and practical approach to reducing your carbon footprint at home. C3 has launched this program using a house party approach and the momentum is growing. To date, over 100 households have joined and over 47 tons of carbon dioxide (or equivalent) have been averted!


Earn 20 bonus points in the Challenge!

Your organization will earn 20 bonus points to be added to your total points earned in the Better Business Challenge when you schedule to host a Power Party between January and mid-March (Season Two).

Okay. What do we have to do?

1- An Employee volunteers to Host a Power Party (at home or at the workplace) and invites 5-10 households.

2- The Power Party can be held from early January to early March.

3- Contact Claire Habel, C3’s Residential Program Manager, at to express interest and schedule your Power Party.