Apply for a Better Business Challenge Mini-Grant by December 1st!

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This year, in partnership with the City of Charlottesville Economic Development’s ACE program, an additional component of the Better Business Challenge will assist City businesses in need by giving away $500 mini-grants! 

The goal of the Challenge is to help businesses increase their energy efficiency and sustainability in their daily operations as well as reap cost savings opportunities, enhance their brand, and engage in a community-wide effort with some great recognition. 

If your business qualifies, you will receive additional Better Business Challenge assistance and your organization may be awarded a $500 grant for energy efficiency goods and/or services. This mini-grant will also waive the Challenge registration fee. Qualifying businesses must have owners who are low to moderate income as defined by the Housing and Urban Development Dept (HUD), commit to participating in the Challenge for five months, and are a for-profit business or B corporation.

“The Better Business Challenge helps all businesses, but especially small businesses… Every dollar counts when you own a small business.” – Mary Loose DeViney, Tuel Jewelers

Head over to the application form to find more details on whether you qualify – and if you do qualify, go ahead and APPLY NOW! The application deadline is December 1, 2018. The businesses that are ultimately selected to receive one of the three mini-grants will be notified in March 2019, and soon after, the $500 worth of energy efficiency products or services will be granted to the business.

This is an exciting time to be learning more about sustainable business practices and ways to integrate energy-smart solutions throughout your organization. And the Better Business Challenge makes it easy for businesses to “green up” and increase efficiency, which also often translates to monetary savings.

In the last two Challenges, more than 150 organizations joined in on this friendly “competition.” In our most recent round, we helped 78 participants collectively save over $180,000 per year! Read about local businesses like Plow & Hearth and Virginia Eagle Distributing, who reaped huge savings in energy efficiency and on their bottom line by making smart, sustainable choices with our help and guidance.

This year, 85 businesses have signed on to participate in the Better Business Challenge, including a stellar line-up of small enterprises. From Darling Boutique, The Elderberry, Hedge Fine Blooms, Pearl Island Foods, and ReThreads, to Thicket Jewelry, Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar, and Great Harvest Cafe, each of these small businesses are now on their way to not only reducing their carbon footprint on the business front, but helping create a healthier future for the entire community.

Grant deadline is December 1st, 2019, so apply for a Better Business Challenge mini-grant now!