Challenge Awards & Recognition

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Positive Recognition

One of the best parts of the Challenge is the "feel good" factor of sharing success stories! And this doesn’t mean waiting until the Awards Night.  All throughout the Challenge, the team is sharing with local media and social networks the innovation, leadership, and energy solutions that businesses achieve along the way.

Our philosophy is: Every Action Matters.  Big or small. If every player takes just one action, and we have 150 players, the community as a whole sees a positive impact!

Challenge Awards

At the conclusion of the Challenge, we’ll roll out the “Green Carpet” for an Oscars-style event where winners get to show off their corporate sustainability chops in the following categories!

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  • Better Business Champion

  • KiloWatt Crackdown

  • Green Leader

  • Top Innovator

  • Special Recognition

Better Business Champions
Rack up as many points as you can! Whoever earns the most points earns the distinction: ‘Better Business Champion.’

Awards are given to the top tenants and the top owners in each category of small, medium, and large business (depending on our pool of participants).  6 awards maximum


KiloWatt Crackdown Award
Win this award by achieving the biggest reduction in energy use. Reductions are calculated based on energy use pre and post Challenge (shown by your utility bills). Awards will be given to one owner.  1 award

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Top Innovator Award
Did you find a creative solution for your energy or sustainability obstacle?  The Challenge Awards Committee looks for a business/organization that stands out for their ingenuity, whether through one or two significant actions or in many small ways. Recipients will be determined based on a review of the “Tell Us What You Did” answers, the “Finish Line” questionnaire, and a description of your innovation. We invite you to show us where you thought outside the triangle!  More details will be announced for the next Challenge. 1 award

Mini-Grant Awards

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Thanks to a partnership with the Charlottesville Economic Development office, an additional component of the Challenge will award mini-grants to support City businesses with owners who meet low-income qualifications set by HUD.  More information can be found on our Tools to Win page.


Special Recognition Awards

Other special recognition may be determined according to what was inspired by the Challenge at the discretion of the Challenge Awards Committee. In the past these have been based on the Descriptive Narrative you can submit at the end of the contest and the description of the two “Tell Us What Else You Did” action items on the Energy Scorecard.

Previous Winners and Success Stories

Over 200 Challenge participants scored big in the past three rounds of the Challenge.  Check them out on our Success Page



Note: Three Scorecard actions are required to win a Challenge Award: participants must submit electricity bills at the starting line and finish line of the Challenge; form an Energy Team; and examine their energy expenses. As well as submit their Finish Line documentation by the published deadline.